About Carol

Carol Garcia began her career years ago in the San Francisco Bay Area. Performing in multiple clubs and venues, always with that signature sultry, yet powerful voice!

Carol came from a musical family,  where music was always playing in her home. Not only on a record player or raido, but live performing was always a part of  her everyday life. There was always singing and musical instruments being played at home and at family gatherings. Her musical roots run deep...She has been strongly influeneced by all the amazing music she grew up around. For Carol,singing means life.

During her musical journey she began songwriting. Taking writing workshops,recording and networking with seasoned producers and musicians alike! (A list to follow)She has been inspired,moved and even shaken at times to allow all these songs to come from her core!

Feel welcome to explore all of the original music she has been releasing over time...and will continue to release with love.